Corporate Relocation

Berger Relocation is a business and corporate relocation services provider providing domestic corporate relocation and global corporate relocation services.  Our certified corporate relocation specialists work closely with companies and corporations of all sizes in developing cost-effective solutions for their unique relocation needs.  We have the resources and the flexibility to customize corporate relocation solutions to fit your company’s unique culture and business demands as we belong to the largest global relocation network in the world.  Programs and services may be provided by Berger Mobility Services, Berger-owned companies, Berger-affiliated companies, or premier service partners.  Your company’s needs are matched with the company or program that best fits your specific company and corporate relocation needs.  There are no fees associated with Berger Relocation consulting services. Our relocation specialists and consultants offer superior corporate relocation services and customized corporate relocation solutions. Secure technology protects transferee’s personal information during all facets of their corporate relocation. Moving services are provided by our elite drivers and moving/relocation crews with proven relocation quality services. Berger Relocation keeps transferees informed of progress throughout each stage of the moving and corporate relocation processes. Relocating to a new city or country whether starting a new job or being transferred is stressful enough, let Berger Relocation take the stress out of your upcoming relocation.

From moving household goods to providing mortgage, destination, global assignment management, or corporate housing, Berger Relocation directly delivers many of the corporate relocation services that make up a vast percentage of your total spend. The result? An unparalleled level of quality and cost containment throughout our mobility program and an ability to implement process improvements in real time that significantly lower your total cost.

Largest Global Relocation Network
Largest relocation and storage network with offices in 35 countries, global footprint in more than 100 countries providing specialized corporate relocation services through highly selective driver transportation qualifications, procedures and annual certification.

Policy consultation, review and development
Whether you need to draft a new relocation policy or make an update, Berger’s experienced relocation consulting group will help you design, build, and implement successful domestic and global mobility programs. In many cases, policy consulting needs are driven by company changes, the addition of new locations or cost control needs. Whatever the reason, let Berger Mobility Services assist in this analysis and provide a continuous process improvement plan to ensure that your relocation services program is not only a success but, also cost efficient over time.

Berger Relocation will help you design and implement customized corporate relocation services program policies according to your organizations’ specific relocation needs and culture. Our team has global consulting expertise in all regions of the world, including: the Americas, Europe and Asia/Pacific. Our services include all facets of relocation policy/process creation and implementation, which includes designing a customized relocation plan to communicate and educate employees on new relocation policies and processes.


Berger Relocation also provides in-depth analysis of current corporate relocation services program that you may already have implemented. Berger Mobility Services will help you identify your company’s total corporate relocation services cost of ownership and show you how it compares with other best practice programs.

Relocation Outsource Management
Full Service Relocation Solutions (Traditional and Risk-Free solutions)
Home sale/Home purchase, Departure/Destination Services, Mortgage Assistance, Temporary Living, etc.

We can provide assistance with home marketing in any country around the globe. Home marketing service can be tailored to the unique needs of a given client or assignee and can include:

  • 24/7 relocation counselor assistance
  • Access to a network of highly qualified real estate experts
  • Assistance in listing and offer negotiation
  • Assistance report to suggest effective marketing tactics
  • Professional home valuation
  • Identification of potential issues that should be addressed prior to listing the home

Berger Relocaation offers innovative home sale solutions that simplify the home sale process, reduce real estate risk and the total cost of relocation, without compromising assignee experience:

  • Access to a network of real estate experts, the Preferred Broker Network
  • Guidance on whether to rent or buy a home at the host destination departure

We also can assist assignees with renting their existing homes, Berger Relocation provides a range of property management services via our Relocation Today network of preferred on-site property management agencies, including:

  • Listing with a local, licensed property management firm
  • Rental advertising
  • Tenant qualification and selection
  • Lease review, negotiation and approval

Berger Relocation provides a full range of services to help assignees find the right home in their new location, including:

  • Neighborhood selection, statistics and comparisons
  • Choice of homes based on budget and preferences
  • Overview of schools, churches, medical facilities
  • Assistance with lease negotiation, security deposits and other issues
  • Facilitation of the home buying process, including mortgage services (see below) and more
  • Local taxes

We deliver a high level of excellence with all your mortgage needs that ensures you and your transferees receive the best mobility experience at the lowest total cost. Benefits include:

  • One-stop mortgage rate shopping
  • Wide variety of loan options
  • Competitive terms and rates
  • Direct billing services

For U.S. transferees, Berger Relocation’s corporate housing services combine a nationwide network of certified properties and providers with unmatched buying power to provide the highest quality of temporary homes at the most competitive rates.

For assignees requiring temporary housing in their host country, we can help locate and secure an appropriate property. Services range from property previews and furniture rental to lease negotiations.

Risk Reduction
Eliminates the legal and financial risks of owning employee’s homes. Berger Relocation offers the industry’s most comprehensive corporate relocation services to ensure both you and your potential transferee understand all financial implications of the relocation process. Our proprietary data analysis provides clients and prospective transferees with a thorough evaluation of how a potential relocation can impact their financial situation.

With our corporate relocation services you receive:

  • A comprehensive and timely real estate market analysis
  • Flexibility to choose the home valuation method that best fits your needs and bottom line. Your costs are reduced because you have the information to prevent an unsuccessful relocation

Relocation Tax and Expense Administration
Capturing and managing all tax, expense and benefit data

Unique cost savings programs
Eliminating taxes and gross-ups on taxes, reducing management fees,
creating domestic and global fixed fee structures

Supplier Management
Managing all relocation suppliers, contract negotiation, quality measurement, Service Level Agreements (SLA’s)

For our client’s, Berger’s ongoing assignment management services provide administration, improved quality, and effective cost controls that simplify management of your global relocation program.

Berger Relocation’s ongoing assignment services include:

  • policy counseling and program administration
  • expense management
  • tenancy management
  • language and cultural training
  • spouse or partner assistance

For our assignees, We maintain constant contact with assignees throughout the term of every relocation, checking in on a regular basis to:

  • Ensure that all assignee corporate relocation needs are met
  • Update assignees on any relocation policy changes
  • Keep assignees current on their relocation benefits and the relocation procedures they need to follow

Household Goods Move Management
Direct control over the transportation process, 90% of domestic corporate relocation services are self-hauled. With Berger Mobility Services, you’ll receive both a premier domestic and global corporate relocation services provider with one localized point of control and accountability. We centrally control all partners who touch the move through quality metrics, centralized management and direct freight purchasing —bringing you the ultimate peace of mind along with full cost predictability.

Our simplified, de-layered business model and innovative cost structure gives you a transparent view of each cost driver impacting your employee move. This comprehensive analysis allows us to demonstrate significant cost savings and drive value within your program.

Companies receive comprehensive and exceptional corporate relocation services

  • Dedicated corporate relocation services specialist provides a single point of accountability for your relocation management
  • De-layering of costs and complete transparency into mobility spend
  • Innovative  unique visibility to cost, quality of services and vendor compliance
  • The industry’s largest global footprint network
  • Ensures complete vendor management and control through quality and performance metrics
  • Move management services are available separately, or in combination with Relocation Today’s suite of relocation services
  • Consolidated reporting and real-time information tracking

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